Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Protesting Toll Road 121

See yesterday's protest in Coppell, Texas at Perry's Celebration of the Tolling of Hwy. 121 -- the first freeway toll conversion in the state under HB 3588, the same legislation that created the Trans-Texas Corridor:

COPPELL, Texas -- Gov. Rick Perry announced on Tuesday that a plan to begin collecting tolls on state Highway 121 on Sept. 1 is being put on hold.
Perry said tolls will not be collected on the busy highway until after this fall so that the high-tech equipment used to charge drivers can be further tested.

Perry spoke Tuesday morning at Coppell Middle School while taking part in a ceremony dedicating the new highway.
Demonstrators on hand during the ceremony said they were outraged that they were now being asked to pay to use the 6-mile stretch of road.
Click on quote for full article and the video on Dallas' NBC5

pardon me guys for not being here more often. My kids are in the process of a first week back at school, airconditioning upstairs was on the frits for a good 5 days so in a few days, I hope to be more often!


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