Saturday, August 19, 2006

Lieberman Independent? We think not!


Blogger Zach said...

Lieberman is trying to bridge the gap between republicans and democrats. He thinks he can only do that by claiming to be independent. He's actually just a conservative democrat, which is the same as being a liberal republican, which is the same as being part of the problem. A for effort though. At least he's trying to bridge that gap, rather than be partisan and unwilling to compromise. I respect Lieberman, but I disagree with him.

6:51 AM  
Blogger Robert B. Winn said...

Until there are candidates actually registered independent, the only protection against total two-party control of elections are independent candidates who are party politicians rejected by their parties like Lieberman. Up to this point since the election of 1800 these are the only independent candidates who have been successful to any degree.
They are proof of George Washington's original assessment that political parties would make organization of faction rather than principles of government the deciding factor in elections.
Robert B. Winn

6:32 AM  

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